9/11 Commission Report

In the graphic adaptation of the 9/11 Commission Report only the most important or shocking content has been used.  All the unnecessary information has been taken out and we are left with only the important details.  The commission report is also a very dry description of the events that occurred.  The graphic adds some emotion to the situation by only keeping the details which add the most pathos to the situation.  A graphic novel also helps paint a picture of what happened.  Just hearing a list of events can sometimes make it hard to picture what is actually going on.  In a graphic novel we are able to see the events.  This again gives a more emotional effect to the reader.  The commission has to remain fairly unbiased while the graphic novel does not.  That being said the graphic novel can only paint one picture for its audience and this is the picture every audience member sees.  In this graphic novel Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colón are trying to represent the information in a way that lets the reader not only understand what happened but also puts the reader in the place of the passengers on the planes.  This makes the events seem very realistic instead of just words on a paper.


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