Luke Pearson’s “Some People”

In this graphic short story by Luke Pearson, the verbal elements are intentionally brief and the visual elements are left to tell most of the story.  Most of the time the verbal elements are meant only to enhance the visual elements.  These elements also help tie the story together.  For example we can see that the women on the bus is angry by her physical expressions.  This is reinforced by the fact that she says “Look at this selfish *****..sat at the front and won’t even offer his seat..some people make me sick.”  If we were only left with the verbal elements however we would not be able to understand the story very well.  The visual elements help show the passage of time and the change in the characters personality.  For example the man in the beginning is shown as getting older by his changing physical features.  We can see that his hair turns white, he becomes bald on the top of his head, and wrinkles form on his face.  We can tell that it is meant to be the same person though because his nose did not change.  In addition his personality is changing.  In the beginning he is scowling and in the end he is smiling.  This is reflected in the background where it changes from red (a color associated with anger) to yellow (a color associated with happiness).  Another visual element that helps tell the story is that the color of the background seems to change to black when a significant emotional event is taking place.  This is seen in the beginning when the character thinks “Christ what is the matter with some people” and again when the man on the bus is too afraid to offer his seat.  Yet another visual element is the changing of the background from light to dark when the mother and daughter are walking home.  This not only shows the passage of time as it has now become night it also reflects the emotions of the passerby.


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